Overton Museum

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Overton County Heritage Museum Books

The following books may be ordered from the Overton County Heritage Museum, 318 West Broad Street, Livingston, Tennessee 38570


Overton County, An Informal History, Volume I by Millard V. Oakley. Hardcover, 187 pages. $20.00+$5.00 S&H.


Muffin Melody Cookbook by Claudine Bilbrey. $8.00 + $1.00 S&H


Recipes and Remembrances of Overton County, Tennessee (Cookbook) Indexed.108 pages. $10.00 + 1.50 S&H


Overton County Address of Albert V. Goodpasture on July 4, 1876 Exact reprint of original 1877 edition by B. C. Goodpasture 1954. 30 pages $10.00 +$1.00 S&H


I Remember by Pauline Sells, daughter of John Palo and Nancy Jane Cole Dennis 35 pages. $10.00 + $2.00 S&H


1916 Willow Grove, Tennessee, Fair Book 26 pages. $8.00 (includes postage)


Clay County, Tennessee, Tombstone Inscriptions (1966-1975) by Walter Webb, 254 pages $35.00 + $2.00 S&H


Echoes of the Foothills Written by the Livingston Academy Class of 1952. Story of the Civil War in Overton County.  Interviews with older citizens. 108 pages. $30.00 (includes postage)



100 Years of Progress.  Compilation of speeches and events celebrating 100 anniversay of Livingston.  Collection of Overton County's early history, pictures and list of names who signed guest register. $25.00 + $2.00 S&H


Clay Springs Church Membership and Cemetery Listing.  Copy of original membership book and listing of known and unknown buried in this cemetery.  $20.00 + $2.00 S&H


Folklore of the Upper Cumberland by Callie Myers Melton.  $20.00 + $2.00 S&H


Granny Lindy by Margaret Killifer Harris and S.R. Lee.  A well - written story of a mountain woman and her life in Overton County. $20.00 + $2.00 S&H


Overton County Mortality Censuses for 1850, 1860, 1880. Transcribed by Joan Finley Cox. A great tool for genealogists $15.00 + $2.00 S&H


Let's Play, Games of the Upper Cumberland by Callie Myers Melton. $10.00 + 2.00  S&H


History of Alpine, Tennessee. $10.00 + $2.00 S&H


History of Algood, TN. Hardbound. $10.00 +$2.00 S&H


1830 Overton County Census, transcribed from original in the same form as the original by Joan Finley Cox. Completely indexed and is spiral bound $25.00 + $5.00 S&H


"Pon My Honor" A reprint of the popular book by Callie D. Myers Melton. Contains stories of growing up in rural Overton County and the interesting people nearby.  $20.00 + $3.00 S&H


"The Wilder Story" by Talmadge Brown Qualls.  Mrs. Qualls tell the story of living in Wilder during the 1930's $8.00 + $2.00 S&H


"Wilbur's Tales" by Wilbur C. Smith. Autobiography, family genealogy, local sayings and tales. 471 pages $35.00 + $3.00 S&H


"Just Reminiscing" by Wilbur C. Smith 100 stories of by-gone days (Bed Bugs, snake Tales, Egg Basket, Smokehouse Memories, Grandma's Snuff Box. Etc) $20.00 + $2.00 S&H


"Hawkins Journal - 1889-1898" recorded by Billy & Mack Hawkins, contains community news, births and deaths in Mill Creek, Hilham (3rd district) area many of these dares are not recorded elsewhere, even in cemetery books, invaluable!  $10.00 + $2.00 S&H


"History and Pictorial Collection of General Felix K. Zollicoffer & Zollicoffer Community" by Darlene Stockton Savage. $20.00 + $5.00 S&H