Overton Museum

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Local Musicians

Overton County is rich in musical talent. A current exhibit features The Sullivan Brothers (Joel & Hollis), Homer Ledford, Lonnie Holt, Eldon Davis, The Ledbetter Family,Lester Flatt (yes, he was born in Overton County) and many others. You can even listen to The Sullivan Brothers from the 1950's.










Medical Procedures of the Past

Medical Exhibit:

Dedicated to the memory of Claudine Bilbrey, this room features 100 year old medical instruments, pictures of doctors and nurses from the early 1900's to the 1950's, the first surgery table from before World War II and other equipment.








Military Room

Museum Military Room Pictures, uniforms and memorabilia from the Civil War, World War I, World War II and the Vietnam War. See the fence post the is riddled with bullets from the old William Alexander Officer house that was the scene of a Civil War battle that killed 6 soldiers.








Shaped Note Singing

On permanent exhibit is a 10 foot music chart made by Mr. Ernest Ledbetter, teacher of what is known as Sacred Harp Singing or Shaped Note Singing. Hear a local quartet singing in shaped-note harmony.

World War II P.O.W. Camp

POW Painting

See 2 original painting by German prisoners of war along original pictures and  other articles used in this that housed an average of 1800 German and Italian prisoners, the majority of them officers.